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Re: the nature of pkgsrc support for OS versions (release vs stable)

David Brownlee <> writes:

> A nastier variant of this is likely to hit for Firefox once NetBSD 9.1
> is released.
> Right now www/firefox disables multiprocess for NetBSD < 9.1 as
> running with it enabled is likely to crash (both browser and machine).
> The issues have been fixed and pulled up into 9_STABLE, and will
> obviously be in 9.1.
> This is further complicated because as of firefox 77 and 77.0.1
> disabling multiprocess breaks rendering of most http pages, so you
> really want it on...

Thanks for pointing this out.  I guess pkgsrc really needs to decide
about supporting 9.0 and 9.1+ separately, or telling people who want to
run firefox to upgrade along stable.  I think, with our new release
policy, given that there are no 9.0.x releases, that once 9.1 is out,
it's reasonable to expect everybody to upgrade.  That being an easy
upgrade is a lot of the point of the stablity rules.

> You could argue that any bugs fixed in STABLE which are important
> enough to warrant upgrading pkgbuild boxes are important enough to
> warrant a release (note: this is being said by someone who doesn't
> have to do the work of such a release).

A fair point, modulo your note....

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