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Re: rust, rust-bin, bulk builds

Manuel Bouyer <> writes:

>> Isn't this just a matter of pulling up all ld.elf_so changes to -9?
>> Does pkgsrc have to bend over backwards to work around a src bug?
> Actually rust from 2020Q1 seems to be building reliably on -9, when
> using MAKE_JOBS=1 (for some reason, MAKE_JOB_SAFE=no is not enough).

There seem to be two separate issues:

  It seems obvious that ld.elf_so changes to make rust work should be
  pulled up to 9-stable.  However, we tend to build packages on RELEASE.
  I think it would make sense to build on stable as long release/stable
  are ABI compat like they should be, with libkver.

  The MAKE_JOBS=1/MAKE_JOBS_SAFE=no issue: As a general rule I think
  that whatever we need to make things work in a pbulk environment
  should be applied to pkgsrc, so others get the fixes.  (Of course,
  workarounds for NetBSD should be limited to NetBSD, as they are
  currently.)   This issue feels like a bug where MAKE_JOBS is perhaps
  passed to rust when MAKE_JOBS_SAFE is no.  As I read pkgsrc-current,
  this seems ok, but _MAKE_JOBS_N is  referenced before MAKE_JOBS_SAFE
  is set, and before is icnluded.

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