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Re: rust, rust-bin, bulk builds

On 04.06.2020 16:20, Greg Troxel wrote:
> So, the question is what to do.  I can see multiple paths:
>   1) Leave PKGNAME as is, remove the "don't build if not this type" logic,
>   and hope the version numbers don't collide.
>   2) Set PKGNAME of rust-bin to rust-bin, and add some API/ABI and
>   DEPMETHOD variables that gets mapped in bl3 to rust vs rust-bin.
>   3) Drop all API/ABI depends that are <= the older of rust and
>   rust-bin, as nobody should be using inconsistent trees.  (While I know
>   pkgsrc sort of supports building packages while other packages aren't
>   up to date, I think that isn't wise and isn't particularly important
>   to support, compared to the pain.  But I suspect many disagree wiht me
>   on that.)  Set DEPMETHOD default to build.  Exxpect any other packges
>   to switch on type.
> Option 2 seems best long term to me, unless option 3 results in almost
> no packges needing help, and is acceptable to most.
> Option 1 also seems like a viable interim approach.

3) Change PKGNAME to rust-bin and implement PROVIDES=rust.

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