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Re: rust, rust-bin, bulk builds

We've had a bunch of discussion about rust-bin and I think it's mostly

(Really this should have happened first; adding a rust-bin with
PKGNAME=rust-bin-$version doesn't need discussion, but colliding package
names and using it by default do.)

Here's my summary of what's emerged from discussion.  Some of these are
single comments but had no objections and I think they are reasonably
widely shared.

  [bulk builds should have fixes made to 8/9 branches but that's not
  really about rust-bin and is separate.  There's a larger conversation
  about pkgsrc and targeting fixed branches vs the releases and I'l send
  a new message about that.]

  rust updates need to be done with enough pre-testing so that we have
  confidence that it will build everywhere it built before when they
  land.   The pre-testing should be with default options and MAKE_JOBS
  more than 1, and success is defined as the package building without
  errors with high probability.

  PKGNAME for rust-bin should be rust-bin

  Both rust and rust-bin should be buildable in a bulk build so that we
  can tell if rust is ok.

  Users should be able to build rust (but not necessarily install it)
  even if RUST_TYPE is bin.

  If rust doesn't build someplace (other than NOT_FOR_PLATFORM places),
  there should be a PR open about it.

  RUST_TYPE being set to bin by default is a workaround for rust not
  building.  (As tnn said, this is pkgsrc not pkgbin.)

  There is no need for a default of RUST_TYPE=bin on netbsd-current.

  There have been claims that rust builds on 8 and 9 and also that it's
  unreliable.  The rust/ doesn't have links to PRs saying what

(end of summary) Please speak up if that's off base.

This wasn't said on the list yet, but another comment floated as likely

  If RUST_TYPE is bin by default for a platform, there needs to be a PR
  open describing the problem, with a link to it by the setting.

Given the above consensus (and that this is discussion in arrears):

I'd like to ask nia@ to change PKGNAME for rust-bin to rust-bin and drop
the "don't build rust/rust-bin if TYPE doesn't match; this is something
that would have come out of the pre-commit discussion and expected to be
addressed before committing.

I'd like to ask nia@ to not set TYPE to bin for NetBSD-current, as also
not the result of consensus discussion.

I'd like to ask in general that people who find that lang/rust does not
build (even with MAKE_JOBS, in any environment) point to a PR, or file
one and point to it.

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