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Re: Bounty for GDM wrote:
Hi Dan,

Mentoring might be easier if you join the IRC channel.
We are on #pkgsrc and there's usually someone active.

A good start is:
1. Install pkgtools/pkglint.
`pkglint -Wall -Call` often points out good mistakes.
2. Install pkgtools/url2pkg
It's a utility that can do a lot of the initial package preparation
3. Fetch pkgtools/pkgdiff, and export EDITOR=yourfavouriteeditor.
this will allow you to create patches with
pkgvi path/to/package/file.c
mkpatches; make mps
And then the patch will be applied.

The list of dependencies can be listed with
`make show-buildlink3`, usually.

I would assume anything not in wip is updated, so wip/accountsservices
(as nia said) is probably the first thing to update.

It's important to commit and push often when working together.

Hi maya,

I'll hop on the IRC channel, of course. Thanks for the tips!

I should have mentioned that although I'm a beginner, I already tried packaging some software I use (|a| The `show-buildlink3` target is something I haven't known about. It's really useful - I don't think it's documented in the official guide.

I don't know if GDM is the best starting point to GNOME3, the bounty is
there because it's an annoying package to debug and needs more patches
than other parts of GNOME.

Good point, there's other GNOME apps I am interesting in - currently working on a gnome-builder package. The bounty on GDM gives me motivation to work on it.

One thing I should mention - I'm starting on a Linux system. Having pre-packaged software as reference makes it easier for me to port to pkgsrc.


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