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Re: Bounty for GDM

# An update on things GNOME3/GDM

Thanks again for awarding me the bounty! It's been a great motivator and I learned a lot working on this. I thought it would be useful to share some of my notes regarding the porting effort, as follows.

Basic installation instructions are posted on the mailing list [0].
Packages imported or updated as part of the bounty that are required for GDM:
- wip/gdm (new)
- wip/gnome-session (new)
- wip/gnome-autoar (new)
- wip/colord
- wip/geoclue
- wip/gnome-desktop3
- wip/gjs
- wip/gnome-settings-daemon
- wip/graphene (new)
- wip/gsettings-desktop-schemas
- wip/mutter (new)
- wip/gnome-shell (new)
- wip/libgweather
- wip/zenity

Most of them can probably be imported to the stable tree. gjs and gnome-desktop3 have serious blockers in my opinion.

## Known issues
* Only works on X, no Wayland. Support for Wayland in mutter seems Linux-specific.
* There are some graphic glitches and missing icons.
* Log Out from GNOME crashes gdm.

* gjs fails to build and run on MPROTECT systems. gnome-shell depends on gjs so has the same problem. Might be easy to fix for someone familiar with PaX and g-ir-scanner. [1] * gnome-desktop3 requires uselocale() which is not available on NetBSD[2]. My patch in wip is a bit dirty, relying on the unsafe setlocale(). The suggested *printf_l() functions aren't available on Linux, which makes upstreaming patches challenging. * ConsoleKit2[3] is worrying, no updates since 2017. I relied on OpenBSD's patches for gdm and gnome-shell (huge thanks to them!), given that GNOME dropped support for ConsoleKit a while ago. * gdm seems to work fine with the accountsservice-0.6.42 from the stable. However, the newer 0.6.55 in wip doesn't build on NetBSD.

These could be possible ideas for further bounties, aside from plenty of other GNOME software not yet packaged.



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