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Re: Bounty for GDM

Hi nia,

Thanks for the heads up! I'll keep these in mind.

nia wrote:
- their detection of non-systemd is broken. ok... fixed

To my understanding, support for non-systemd/elogind systems has been removed from GNOME. I read that this in effect means dropping support for non-Linux environments and I expect this to be the toughest hurdle.

OpenBSD introduced ConsoleKit patches and wip/gdm seems to be based on the OpenBSD port.

(not to be discouraging, I just don't have the patience for this
right now. I'd prefer getting sddm working, since that's supposed
to be portable!)

I'm a bit of a GNOME fan and I hope something good will come out of my effort. Worst case, I'll at least learn something.


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