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Re: MacOS issues with devel/glibc2, devel/gobject-introspection, devel/pango

Jonathan Perkin <> writes:

> It is implicit in the design and implementation of buildlink.  We
> don't mention /usr/gnu/lib or /opt/csw/lib in the documentation
> either, but they are also removed during builds.  $ORIGIN is no
> different, it's just another path that is not permitted along with any
> other that is not explicitly permitted.

It seems unsafe to just drop things, vs throwing an error, as it means
that fighting with upstream build systems ends up silently not doing
what was asked.   But that's probably too much tilting at windmills.

> I thought buildlink had been well documented over the years, and was
> under the impression it was well understood by developers - at least
> the reasoning behind the whole philosophy, but maybe it needs to be
> improved from a new user perspective?

The big picture is understood by most, but probably not in great detail.

In this case, I think it would help if the guide or something in mk had
the string $ORIGIN, as an example of things  that don't work as an
upstream build system would expect, pointing to something that explained
why, and also explained the preferred approach to having a buildable

(I see later that your builds don't hit this because they turn SIP off
for other reasons -- which I of course have no objection to you doing.
But my impression is that turning off SIP on a mac is irregular, and
that we should not be advising people to do that to build pkgsrc.)

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