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Re: New packages for review

>Here are the results and fixes from another pass at building the lxqt
>meta package. (I'm drafting this message in featherpad, BTW.)
Awesome, thanks for taking the time! I really like the balance between
simplicity and features in featherpad, really nice editor.

>Failed to build    muparser-
>Fails to build when PKG_DEVELOPER=yes. This is a trivial issue.
Yes and no. Your suggestion would fix this build but, muparser needs much
heavier patching. I've e-mailed the maintainer about a month ago. I don't really
have the hardware to fully test muparser, better to build lxqt-runner with
math/muparser from the main branch for now.

>336:[170/181] Failed to build    lximage-qt-0.14.1

>340:[172/181] Failed to build    pcmanfm-qt-0.14.1

>350:[177/181] Failed to build    lxqt-powermanagement-0.14.1
Fixed! Sorry, this was a left-over from the previous build that slipped through.

>356:[180/181] Failed to build    obconf-qt-0.14.1
Fixed! Suck, all these translations... I thought I had catch them!

>358:[181/181] Failed to build    lxqt-config-0.14.1
Fixed! Thanks for this.

>I think LXQt needs more polish in its packaging to be on par with the stock
>installation experience of MATE, Xfce, LXDE, and others.
>As-is, it doesn't present an actual desktop environment an end user would
>expect by default.
This is a difficult one again and, I would say an upstream issue really.
Prior to NetBSD, I was (still am) using Void Linux on top of musl-libC (not
GlibC). A philosophy (Void claims no philosophy) that I've learned to really
appreciate was, do not impose anything on the end user. Although, I have to
agree with your opinion, this is how LXQt is provided by upstream. Polishing
the experience would require installing/creating directories/copying files
into the users home directory. Personally, I'm against this but if you really
find this necessary maybe it could be considered. Although, I think we should
gather more opinions here on tech-pkg or pkgsrc-users mailing lists.

One question that I still have, though. In lxqt-panel, how many more OS
exceptions should be added? Currently, I have NetBSD and OpenBSD. I know
FreeBSD has their own code already inside LXQt upstream. DragonFly DPorts
is pulling from FreeBSD ports and (not sure) is probably covered.

Thank you for your time.
If you can please try another build and check if there are issues still.

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