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Re: openssl 1.1 fallout with mmysql, mysql succession planning?

Jonathan Perkin <> writes:

>> Do you mean, "other than mysql-5.5 which is EOL and for which there is
>> no reason to use, only a few things broke, and they are all unmaintained
>> and deletion candidates"?
>> I am just trying to understand whether other than fixing the default,
>> there is a tiny maybe-problem or something larger.   It does seem that
>> mysql-using packages in pkgsrc are now broken, which isn't ok.
> Yeh, I forgot that pkgsrc still defaulted to 5.5, as that's not
> something we (Joyent) have done for at least 5 years.

I actually looked at the code and the default for mysql has been 57
since some time in 2018.

>> > The complicated part is bringing over the changes from our pbulkmulti
>> > branch so that users aren't forced into a single mysqlclient
>> > implementation.
>> I don't follow this.  Right now pkgsrc users have to choose between
>> mysql 5.5 5.6 or 5.7, and pretty clearly ought to choose 5.7 (from among
>> those).  Extending that set to add mariadb and percona seems like a good
>> step forward.   I can see the point that we would like bulk builds for
>> multiple choices, but I don't see why that should block progress.   Is
>> that right, or am I missing something?
> Part of the pbulkmulti code is an overhaul of mk/
> to support alternate versions.

So it works like postgresql, where multiple packages can be built
against different versions but only one installed, or like python, or ?

That sounds great, but I don't understand why not having that is a
barrier to having more recent mariadb and percona in pkgsrc.   I would
think that someone would still have to choose a single systemwide
version and then things would work or not.  But that's what we have now,
with fewer choices.

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