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Re: freeze for 2019Q4 is over!

John Nemeth <> writes:

> On Dec 28, 12:13pm, Greg Troxel wrote:
> } 
> } The next elephant in the room is the status of python 2.7, which is
> } said to be EOL on 2020-01-01, but in fact the release of 2.7.18 is
> } scheduled for "mid-April, 2020".
> }
> } 
> } The python 2.7->3 transition has been a long, somewhat difficult
> } process.  pkgsrc still has programs that are 2.7 only, and we're
> } starting to see libraries that have new versions without 2.7 support,
> } which if just updated would break 2.7-only programs.  PMC is discussing
> } how to deal with this, so for the next week or so please avoid updates
> } to python libs with existing 2.7 support to versions that drop 2.7
> } support, or anything else drastic.  (Please feel free to bring up
> } related issues on tech-pkg, of course.)
>      I just looked at the mercurial website and I see that it is
> still using Python 2.7.  That could be an issue.

(responding to all 3)

Indeed, the high-level points of what I was trying to say were:

  python 2.7 will be with us for a long time, probably a very long time.

  updating py-libraries can break 2.7 users, so we need a plan of how
  not to do that.  (so please don't do any breaking updates in the next

dholland: I'm not clear on matplotlib details, but if the in-tree
version doesn't support 2.7, that's IMHO a problem and it would be good
to have the last upstream version that supports 2.7 as py-matplotlibNN.

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