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Re: freeze for 2019Q4 is over!

On Sat, Dec 28, 2019 at 12:13:03PM -0500, Greg Troxel wrote:
 > The next elephant in the room is the status of python 2.7, which is
 > said to be EOL on 2020-01-01, but in fact the release of 2.7.18 is
 > scheduled for "mid-April, 2020".
 > The python 2.7->3 transition has been a long, somewhat difficult
 > process.  pkgsrc still has programs that are 2.7 only, and we're
 > starting to see libraries that have new versions without 2.7 support,
 > which if just updated would break 2.7-only programs.  PMC is discussing
 > how to deal with this, so for the next week or so please avoid updates
 > to python libs with existing 2.7 support to versions that drop 2.7
 > support, or anything else drastic.  (Please feel free to bring up
 > related issues on tech-pkg, of course.)

I have a pile of research numerical code I don't have time for the
next 6-8 months to try to rewrite in python3. I had to back out
py-matplotlib locally; I was pleased to find that someone had created
py-scipy12 when applying a breaking update to scipy, and would prefer
some such approach to be continued, at least in the near term, at
least where reasonably possible.

I'm probably not alone in this, either, just fortunate enough to be
aware of it. is only a mild exaggeration...

David A. Holland

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