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Re: www/firefox-esr instead of www/firefox[0-9]*

Rhialto <> writes:

> There could be a meta-package called "firefox-esr", which depends only
> on "firefox-esrXX" for the latest XX. In fact, the same could be done
> for "firefox", depending on a "firefoxXX" package.

I do not understand how this would work, or would help.  Yes, I
understand that we ccould add a metapackage, and change the dependency
to be 76 from 68 when that happens (or whatever is next).  But the, the
metapackage update will pull in 76, which may or may not install in
parallel with 68.  If it doesn't install in parallel, the user has to
delete the old one, which they can't until after update.  And if they
do, they have two that have different names.  And that may or may not
have profile update problems.

Critically, I still do not have an answer to my questions about profile
updates and their causes.  While I understand the notion of a user
intalling firefox-ESR and getting major updates (every few years) as
well as bugfixes, no one has explained the relationship between PKGPATH,
PKGNAME, any namespacing of the installed programs, and profiles.  Until
that's entirely clear, I object to changes to accomodate esr.

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