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Re: iconv: basesystem vs pkgsrc

It might be too late reply.

In message <>
	on Wed, 09 Oct 2019 08:07:53 +0200,
	Frédéric Fauberteau <> wrote:
> Experiencing a conversion error with Glib, I am looking to iconv. I do
> not understand why there is such a difference between the two iconv
> binaries in terms of number of supported encodings.
Because these are different implementation of iconv(3).

o Supporting codesets (character sets and character encodings) might

o GNU iconv(3) has its own extension, additional suffix "//IGNORE" or
  "//TRANSLIT" to codeset.  It cause portability problems.

> My problem is:
> $ echo "hello" | /usr/pkg/bin/iconv -f UTF-8 -t 646
> /usr/pkg/bin/iconv: conversion to 646 unsupported
> /usr/pkg/bin/iconv: try '/usr/pkg/bin/iconv -l' to get the list of
> supported encodings
"646 is registered as alias for "ISO646-US".

% egrep "^646" /usr/share/i18n/esdb/esdb.alias
646                             ISO646-US

> $ /usr/bin/iconv -l | wc -l
>      667
It contains aliases for codesets.

Takahiro Kambe <>

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