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Re: iconv: basesystem vs pkgsrc

Le 2019-11-01 07:58, Takahiro Kambe a écrit :
"646 is registered as alias for "ISO646-US".

% egrep "^646" /usr/share/i18n/esdb/esdb.alias
646                             ISO646-US

$ /usr/bin/iconv -l | wc -l
It contains aliases for codesets.

Okay, but the conversion error was done by /usr/pkg/bin/glib-compile-resources that asked for 646 and not for ISO646-US. Actually, I closed pkg/54341 because it was not a problem with x11/gtk3 but I should open a new one because devel/glib2 is broken when build with pkgsrc libiconv. I will test the last release to see if the problem persists.

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