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Re: Qt4 removal plan writes:

> The Debian page sets an example I think we should follow.
> Let's create a wiki page of all the packages using qt4 and individually
> decide what to do with them, and give ourselves a deadline of a few
> months.

I didn't realize qgis was part of the collateral damage.

So agreed that having some place (and wiki is fine) to track what still
depends on qt4, and to work on dealing with those, hopefully by
upgrading, but removing seems ok if justifiable on its own merits
(unmaintained upstream, belief that there are no users).

I don't think deadlines are reasonable here.  There is no significant
actual problem with qt4 remaining for even another year, as things that
use it fade away.   That said, if everything that uses it is upgraded or
superceded, that seems like the best outcome.

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