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Re: Qt4 removal plan

On 26/10/19 11:02 am, Kamil Rytarowski wrote:
>> There are various KDE-related apps that I sometimes find useful, e.g.
>> kdiff3 (which I see is what Mercurial recommends for a graphical merge
>> tool). Generally, these have long been ported to qt5+kf5, pkgsrc just
>> doesn't have the more recent versions. I was thinking of updating these
>> myself, but hadn't got around to it.
>> As Maya suggested, I don't think there's any urgency to remove things
>> immediately. The question on some people's minds I imagine will be: "If
>> you're deleting KDE4, where's KDE5?"
> Please help to upgrade these packages, especially the ones you care about.

There are a bunch of KDE5 versions of packages on wip (and a bunch more
that I'd be happy to do).  The reason I haven't replaced things in
pkgsrc proper with the KDE5 versions is that at this point we don't have
a fully working KDE5 environment (as various components have
dependencies on qt5-qtwebengine or libinput or libudev or other issues)
so I didn't want to break things for anyone who was using KDE4 as an
integrated environment.  Now I don't know if there is anyone still doing
that (I'm not) so maybe we should just go ahead an update what we can.


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