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Re: Default to fetching from CDN first?

Am 14.09.2019 um 17:55 schrieb Brook Milligan:
> I'm not sure I care one way or the other, but it seems that there should be an explicit understanding regarding whether pkglint expects or does not expect an extracted distfile.  Then again, maybe I am the only one uncertain about this.

Right now, pkglint doesn't care whether a work directory exists or not
since it only checks the pkgsrc files.

There's one exception though: in --import mode it is an error if there
is a work directory since that directory _might_ accidentally be added
to CVS. That's the only reason for this check.

For now, I'm leaving things as they are. As I said, checking the
distfiles and extracting them (either in-memory or on-disk) would open a
whole new can of work for me. At some point in 2019 I also removed the
pkglint check that peeks into the patch files to detect absolute paths.
Therefore, to give accurate diagnostics, pkglint would have to simulate
the extract phase, apply any patches and then check the resulting files,
which does not seem worth the effort.


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