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Re: Default to fetching from CDN first?

Am September 14, 2019 1:34:15 AM UTC schrieb John Nemeth <>:
>On Sep 13, 11:20pm, Roland Illig wrote:
>} Pkglint also doesn't extract the distfiles. I thought about this, for
>} checking whether the GNU configure scripts run "test $var == yes",
>     This is automatically done when you build with PKG_DEVELOPER=yes.
>Having pkglint do it would be redundant.

I meant to _move_ this check from mk/check over to pkglint in order to improve the build times. As long as the distfile stays the same, there's no point in running this check over and over again. I am not planning to do this in the next time though.

>     Since pkglint already checks for a LICENSE= in the Makefile,
>it probably wouldn't be a stretch for pkglint to look in
>/usr/pkgsrc/licenses for the file.  Looking in the package to try
>to determine what licenses it uses is not likely to be a reasonable
>thing to do.

Why not? Ideally the license is prominently declared in the distfile, and only redundantly in the pkgsrc package. This redundancy can be cross-checked.

By the way, pkglint already checks that the license from the Makefile exists in /usr/pkgsrc/licenses.


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