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Re: Default to fetching from CDN first?

On Sep 14,  9:55am, Brook Milligan wrote:
} > On Sep 13, 2019, at 11:58 PM, Roland Illig <> wrote:
} > Am September 14, 2019 1:34:15 AM UTC schrieb John Nemeth <>:
} >> On Sep 13, 11:20pm, Roland Illig wrote:
} >> } 
} >> } Pkglint also doesn't extract the distfiles. I thought about this, for
} >> } checking whether the GNU configure scripts run "test $var == yes", which
} >> 
} >>    This is automatically done when you build with PKG_DEVELOPER=yes.
} >> Having pkglint do it would be redundant.
} > 
} > I meant to _move_ this check from mk/check over to pkglint in
} > order to improve the build times. As long as the distfile stays
} > the same, there's no point in running this check over and over
} > again. I am not planning to do this in the next time though.
} My understanding is that pkglint is typically run without an
} extracted distfile and that it is only checking the package files
} themselves.  At some point, I think it even complained about an
} existing work directory.  Is that not the case?

     It will do that if you use the '-i' option as it should:

     -i|--import         Check if a package is ready to be imported into
                         pkgsrc.  This is especially useful for packages from
                         the pkgsrc-wip project.

} If it is, these ideas seem like major changes, because they would
} require an extracted distfile.  What happens if it is not already
} extracted; will it run 'make extract'?

     If it does, it will like need to run 'make clean' afterwards.
Although it would be better if it didn't do this to avoid any

} I'm not sure I care one way or the other, but it seems that there
} should be an explicit understanding regarding whether pkglint
} expects or does not expect an extracted distfile.  Then again,
} maybe I am the only one uncertain about this.

     It could be based on certain options.  But, it could also be
defined as "out of scope".

}-- End of excerpt from Brook Milligan

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