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devel/gobject-introspection on Darwin

I have finally had success building devel/gobject-introspection on a MacBook.  Before I commit the patches (attached), however, I would appreciate feedback.

The patch to is already filed upstream and is awaiting action on the merge request.  I think that should not be controversial as (in my experience anyway) there are no relevant symbols to link against and trying to do so should clearly be prevented.

I am less certain of the other part, which changes Makefile and tools/, and adds files/  The idea is to introduce a step using install_name_tool to fix the rpath in g-ir-compiler so that it will run correctly during the build process.  Of course, this must be reverted during the install step, so the post-install target is added.

This seems overly complicated (an alternative might be to create a new package for the girepository library, but that also is invasive into the package build process, just in a different way).  However, it is what is essentially stated as necessary by; see the statement "This is the part of OSX app bundling that you must always do manually."

In any case, I would greatly appreciate comments, as we need a way to make this package on Darwin and I don't think purity is an option in this case.  Thanks.


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