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Re: pkglint and R packages

> On Aug 2, 2019, at 9:46 AM, Greg Troxel <> wrote:
> Brook Milligan <> writes:
>>> 3. The maintainer defaults to, unless OWNER is
>>> set, which would obviously override this.
>> Some packages have a different MAINTAINER set.  Should that be changed
>> to OWNER and MAINTAINER not used?
> The semantics of OWNER and MAINTAINER are different.  My impression is
> that there is nothing special abour R relative to this point.  So an R
> package should have either MAINTAINER or OWNER, just like any other
> package.

Could you clarify the difference?  Sorry, but I'm forgetting what should perhaps be obvious.

> (I feel like I am missing some point one of you is trying to make.)

I think the only point was what math/R/Makefile.extension should do.

I don't recall any R packages setting OWNER to anything; most set MAINTAINER to

Perhaps math/R/Makefile.extension should just set MAINTAINER to that if it is undefined.  This would mean that most R packages would not need to set MAINTAINER at all.  Or, is that a bad idea because it does not make maintainership obvious?


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