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Re: qt5-qtbase

On 3/29/19 2:23 PM, Mark Davies wrote:

On 30/03/19 7:51 am, Jason Bacon wrote:
The qtmultimedia issue went away after I patched qtbase.
Good to hear.

As for qtlocation and qtsensors, have you tested these on Linux yet?  I
wonder if the extra files I'm getting could simply be added to PLIST.Linux.
qtsensors: I've just committed a PLIST.Linux for.  I actually had that
one locally for a while and hadn't noticed that I hadn't committed it.
It's working for me now, thanks.

qtlocation: these are new entries with 4.12.2.  I struck the same issue
when I built it yesterday.  I could just add a PLIST.Linux for it, but
from my initial investigation looks like they should be being built for
the BSD's as well so want to work out why they are not.
Fair enough.

What do you think it the right approach for fixing qtbase?  My hack is pretty innocuous, but seems like it shouldn't be necessary and it would be more satisfying to know the root cause.



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