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Re: qt5-qtbase

On 30/03/19 7:51 am, Jason Bacon wrote:
> The qtmultimedia issue went away after I patched qtbase.

Good to hear.

> As for qtlocation and qtsensors, have you tested these on Linux yet?  I
> wonder if the extra files I'm getting could simply be added to PLIST.Linux.

qtsensors: I've just committed a PLIST.Linux for.  I actually had that
one locally for a while and hadn't noticed that I hadn't committed it.

qtlocation: these are new entries with 4.12.2.  I struck the same issue
when I built it yesterday.  I could just add a PLIST.Linux for it, but
from my initial investigation looks like they should be being built for
the BSD's as well so want to work out why they are not.


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