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Re: Deciding on wich variant(s) of OpenBLAS library to install

On 02/26, Dr. Thomas Orgis wrote:
> Which one shall it be? Take your pick:
> [ ] parallel installation of separated BLAS implementations with
>     symlinks and/or LD_LIBRARY_PATH/LD_RUN_PATH fun to choose one at link-
>     and/or runtime or

I don't know if Darwin is a supported platform for BLAS, but just
a quick note that the LD_LIBRARY_PATH equivalent on macOS is
DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH, and that approach is likely to be problematic
with the macOS System Integrity Protection (SIP) feature since the
DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable (among others) is purged when
launching so-called protected processes (e.g., /bin/sh) and (I think)
when spawning children processes of protected processes.


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