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Re: Suggestion to tackle opensls 1.1.0

On Feb 21,  1:58am, wrote:
} Here is a suggestion (that kinda ignores yours, but...)
} For a start, we need more time. these are drastic changes to a lot of
} packages. Do one of the following:
} - On netbsd 8.99.x, prefer all pkgsrc libraries, so we can go back to
} 1.0.2 by default. This is necessary because e.g. pam links against
} openssl in base, so we cannot rely on it from base.

     PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules) is part of base.  What's
in pkgsrc is mostly PAM modules, which would link against the PAM
infrastructure in base.

} - Roll back netbsd's change to openssl 1.1.0.

     This isn't happening.

}-- End of excerpt from

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