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Re: openssl-1.0-only packages?

Hi Lewis,

Am Tue, 20 Feb 2018 12:46:43 -0600
schrieb "J. Lewis Muir" <>:

> That's partly why projects like Mercurial
> still require Python 2.7 and do not yet support Python 3.x.

Oh, thanks for pointing that out. I was tempted to only install Python
3.x with our next pkgsrc prefix and see who complains. If stuff like
mercurial still does not work with py3, then I guess I have to postpone
that further. I wonder how long varioys python libraries will continue
to work with 2.7. And yes, some time ago I wondered if 3.x will ever
take over, but I was under the impression that they finally are doing
it in this decade.

For now a big thank you to the people who made it possible to install
packages for multiple Python versions next to each other. 

Alrighty then,


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