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openssl-1.0-only packages?


Since openssl changed their API from 1.0 to 1.1, many programs need
patches to work; however, they don't seem to exist (yet) or upstream
decided not to support 1.1. For example, this seems to be the case for
python-3.4.x (3.5+ is ok), ruby-2.2 (ruby 2.4+ is ok, 2.3 is
patchable), php-5.6 (php-7+ is ok), ffmpeg2 (ffmpeg3 is fine), and
some other smaller packages.

Some distributions also provide openssl-1.0 packages, installed into a
separate sub-prefix (${PREFIX}/include/openssl-1.0 or so).

Do we want to go that way as well?

For leaf packages, I think that would be an appropriate solution, but
I worry for other packages that you might end up with a mix of
openssl-1.1 and openssl-1.0 libraries in the same binary.


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