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pkgin updates using +BUILD_DATE and pkg_add -U


For anyone who may be interested, I'm currently testing a patched
version of pkgin which resolves a couple of the biggest problems we've
had with it.

Firstly, how to handle package updates where either a recursive
PKGREVISION bump has been forgotten or not performed correctly,
resulting in e.g. a shared library change breaking dependencies that
are already installed, for example:

Secondly, changing the upgrade mechanism to use 'pkg_add -U' instead
of pkg_delete followed by pkg_add, resolving many issues (e.g.
removing openssl that pkg_install depends on) and improving

I also took the opportunity to improve the output formatting a bit,
making it closer to apt-get which is what it's supposed to take its
inspiration from.

The details are in the following gist:

and an example run of me using it to update my macOS desktop is here:

I'll have patches up for review sometime next week, but am curious if
anyone has any major objections to the approaches taken or suggestions
of further improvements.


Jonathan Perkin  -  Joyent, Inc.  -

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