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Re: pkgsrc gcc discussion #3874

On 01/01/18 17:23, Greg Troxel wrote: writes:

I'm assuming GCC 5 or 6 is a good choice now, but we should probably
decide when it is OK to change this number eventually.
Let's assume we pick gcc5 now.  We would change to gcc6 when the weight
of evidence/opinion (ideally from bulk builds both ways) indicates that
users are better off with the choice of gcc6.  It's basically a race
between packages that are so new that they need 6, and those that
haven't gotten updates to be able to work with 6.

This seems conceptually similar to how we change the default version of
php.  I expect this will have some on-list discussion, and perhaps pmc
will make a call.  This doesn't seem worrisome.

Do you think it's harder than how I describe it?

Just completed a bulk build on CentOS 5 with gcc5 using a -current snapshot from about a week ago:

www/pkgsrc/packages/usr/pkg/RHEL7/All    16876

That's a significant improvement over 2017Q3:

www/pkgsrc/packages/sharedapps/pkg-2017Q3/RHEL7-gcc5/All    16338

We can legitimately add netcdf and its dependents to the count as well, since it was fixed after the build was started.



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