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Re: Selecting a C++ compiler

We have paused on this, and I would really like to see this issue fixed
for 2017Q4; NetBSD 6 is quite troubled.

I plan to add a wiki page about compiler selection, kind of a design
document, and to dare to get things wrong in the name of provoking
progress.  I think we have a mostly converged design, and actual
implementation will not be that hard.

I think the possibly-controversial issues are:

  how much to remove from gcc pacakges to make bootstrapping easier
  (NLS), vs having separate bootstrapping packages

  How to steer with NetBSD 7, which has gcc 4.8, which seems good enough
  for almost all C++11 programs, but not fireox which seems to need 4.9.

and will highlight those in the page.  I'll post again when there's a
stake in the ground to argue about.

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