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build-issues with Q3 on netbsd-6-0 (GCC_REQD, c++11..)


I can't build several Q3-packages due to -std=c++11 not being understood
by GCC 4.5 that is provided by netbsd-6-0.

This (and at least one additional c++ issue) can be worked around by
adding GCC_REQD+=4.8 to respective Makefiles and rebuilding.

Is this the right way to solve this?  I expected some setting that is
not compiler-specific, something like USE_LANGUAGES+=c++11 that clang,
for example, then also could use.

Also, would you advise setting GCC_REQD+=4.8 in mk.conf for netbsd-6-0?
Like I wrote, -std=c++11 is not the only issue I'm seeing with packages
that need a c++ compiler for building.


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