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Re: bootstrapping a C++ compiler (was: Selecting a C++ compiler)

On Fri 13 Oct 2017 at 12:51:26 +0200, Edgar Fuß wrote:
> The tricky part (it occurs to me) is what "it's being bootstrapped" means.
> I think the answer is "it's the Single Version" (or, regarding C, "one of 
> the two Single Verssions") AND "it's not installed as a package". So, if 
> you like lang/gcc6 (supposing that's one of your Single Versions) with nls, 
> you can build lang/gcc6 with that set of options, which will first build 
> your Single Version with the bootstrap options and then use that to copile 
> the final version.

I haven't looked carefully last time I built a gcc, but I think it is
still using the full 3-stage bootstrap, right?
(*the* full 3-stage bootstrap being 1) compile new sources with old
compiler; 2) build new sources with compiler from stage 1, so you
benefit from all features of the new compiler; 3) build new sources with
compiler from stage 2), and verify that the result is identical to stage 2).

Instead of doing 6 compiles, that can probably be shortened a bit.

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