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wip/freeswitch-core feedback

Hey everybody,

Some time ago I started working on the package wip/freeswitch-core
which was previously imported to pkgsrc-wip by D'Arcy J.M. Cain
( I took the time to work on it and recently, it was
updated to version 1.6.19 (latest as sending this email), being tested
in FreeBSD & CentOS.

Since there are some packages imported in the CURRENT branch of pkgsrc
related to FreeSWITCH (freeswitch-music & freeswitch-sounds), I
thought it'd be a good idea to import the freeswitch-core package as
well, so that the whole freeswitch stack is properly available. Thus,
I am writing this email hoping you guys could provide some feedback
about the current state of this package; what you think could be
better or what needs to be changed/deleted completely.

I'm not a developer of any kind, and my knowledge of the pkgsrc
framework is still a work in progress, therefore, If you have the time
to install it, test it, and provide any suggestion-comment would be
much appreciated.

I have some patches for the freeswitch{music/sounds} packages to
update them to the latest version available. I was thinking providing
them as well soon after freeswitch-core is an acceptable package.

Thanks in advance for your time and comments.


Angel Adames
System Administrator

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