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Re: wip/freeswitch-core feedback

Angel Adames <> writes:

> Since there are some packages imported in the CURRENT branch of pkgsrc
> related to FreeSWITCH (freeswitch-music & freeswitch-sounds), I
> thought it'd be a good idea to import the freeswitch-core package as
> well, so that the whole freeswitch stack is properly available. Thus,
> I am writing this email hoping you guys could provide some feedback
> about the current state of this package; what you think could be
> better or what needs to be changed/deleted completely.
> I'm not a developer of any kind, and my knowledge of the pkgsrc
> framework is still a work in progress, therefore, If you have the time
> to install it, test it, and provide any suggestion-comment would be
> much appreciated.

That's totally fine -- we welcome everyone trying to make pkgsrc better,
and I certainly realize there are a lot of details to learn.

Looking at freeswitch-core, I see there are a lot of pkglint complaints
about it not using the CONF_FILES framework.  You can look at other
packages to see how this works.  The basic idea is that example files
get installed as examples, and then copied to real place if there isn't
one, but a user's mods are respected.

If you aren't building with PKGSRC_DEVELOPER=yes in mk.conf, you should
add that.  It's more or less a requirement that a package build with
that variable (which adds a lot of checks) before being committed.  (I
have that set all the time.)

I (on netbsd-7 amd64, which is more or less the standard platform) get a
build failure looking for -lgcc, and it seems to have something to do
with zrtp.

Often we try to package things that are included as source, to bring
updates under a separate package.  But it's not a hard rule in all
cases.  I do see libzrtp in wip.

> I have some patches for the freeswitch{music/sounds} packages to
> update them to the latest version available. I was thinking providing
> them as well soon after freeswitch-core is an acceptable package.

I will have look at freeswitch-music, that I see in wip, and the -sounds
changes you sent to me in email.

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