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Re: Detecting binary package build

Jason Bacon <> writes:

> For those who don't like negative options, this can be stated as
> DYNAMIC_ARCH (universal binary) defaulting to on.

The notion of negative options is not about semantics, but about saying
"no-foo" as an option.  Here, we are talking about "do you build
normally (portably)", or "do you build a binary that will only work on
the computer you built it on".   I realize it's a point of view to say
that portable is normal, but that's very much the pkgsrc way.

Separately from the negative options. I also tend to think that for
things like this, the normal way should not have an option set, and the
special way (compile-time CPU binding) should have an option.

So I would very much want to find an option phrase that indicates
"optimize at build time and produce a nonportable binary", and have it
default to off, rather than "do the normal thing" and have it default to

(I realize things like "kerberos" (or "x11") are options that when set
use kerberos, and that it makes sense to have them as default options.
I think that's different.)

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