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Re: Once more, C++11 and older 'base' compilers

On 08/12/17 09:13, Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:
On Sat, Aug 12, 2017 at 08:38:50AM -0500, Jason Bacon wrote:
On 08/09/17 17:27, wrote:
On Wed, Aug 09, 2017 at 01:11:38PM -0500, Jason Bacon wrote:
Can you clarify how _TARGET_HAS_PKGSRC_GCC gets set?  Is this built into the
bootstrap scripts and set globally for selected OSs and ARCHs?  Can users
add it to mk.conf for other platforms?
I wanted to whitelist platforms. linux is diverse, but often very well supported.
For all others we can say yes/no with certainty after testing.

How do gcc48 and dependencies get exempted so they can build with the system
With this exception (should possibly be a wildcard for 5,6,7?)

#  Special case packages which are themselves a dependency of gcc runtime.
.  if empty(PKGPATH:Mdevel/libtool-base) && empty(PKGPATH:Mdevel/binutils) && empty(PKGPATH:Mlang/gcc??)
FYI, this is the minimum I had to do on CentOS 6 to avoid a circular
Please use the gcc-inplace-math option. That should cut out most of that


Thanks, but all it seems to do is eliminate mpfr and mpcomplex.

Almost half of the deps are indirect. Perl is required for building gcc-c++, so there seems to be no getting rid of it. I'm content to live with it as-is, as long as I can build a useful gcc package with GCC 4.4 for a couple more years. At that point, RHEL 6 will be fading from existence and we'll be talking about how deprecated GCC 4.8 is...

Linux sciprog2.ceas bacon ~/Pkgsrc/pkgsrc-2017Q2/lang/gcc48 433: (pkgsrc): bmake clean-depends
===> Cleaning for cwrappers-20170611
===> Cleaning for nbpatch-20151107
===> Cleaning for digest-20160304
===> Cleaning for checkperms-1.11nb1
===> Cleaning for perl-5.26.0nb1
===> Cleaning for p5-gettext-1.07nb2
===> Cleaning for help2man-1.47.4
===> Cleaning for autoconf-2.69nb7
===> Cleaning for p5-Unicode-EastAsianWidth-1.33nb4
===> Cleaning for libtool-base-2.4.6
===> Cleaning for ncurses-6.0nb3
===> Cleaning for p5-Locale-libintl-1.26nb1
===> Cleaning for p5-Text-Unidecode-1.30nb1
===> Cleaning for gtexinfo-6.3nb1
===> Cleaning for gmp-6.1.2
===> Cleaning for isl-0.17.1
===> Cleaning for cloog-0.18.4
===> Cleaning for mpfr-3.1.5
===> Cleaning for mpcomplex-1.0.3

Linux sciprog2.ceas bacon ~/Pkgsrc/pkgsrc-2017Q2/lang/gcc48 434: (pkgsrc): bmake depends
=> Bootstrap dependency digest>=20010302: found digest-20160304
===> Installing dependencies for gcc48-4.8.5nb1
The supported build options for gcc48 are:

        gcc-c++ gcc-fortran gcc-go gcc-graphite gcc-inplace-math
        gcc-java gcc-objc gcc-objc++ nls

The currently selected options are:

        gcc-c++ gcc-fortran gcc-graphite gcc-objc
        gcc-objc++ nls

You can select which build options to use by setting PKG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS
or the following variable.  Its current value is shown:

        PKG_OPTIONS.gcc48 (not defined)

=> Tool dependency gtexinfo>=3.12: found gtexinfo-6.3nb1
=> Tool dependency nbpatch-[0-9]*: found nbpatch-20151107
=> Tool dependency perl>=5.0: found perl-5.26.0nb1
=> Tool dependency checkperms>=1.1: found checkperms-1.11nb1
=> Build dependency cwrappers>=20150314: found cwrappers-20170611
=> Full dependency gmp>=5.0.1: found gmp-6.1.2
=> Full dependency mpcomplex>=0.8.2: found mpcomplex-1.0.3
=> Full dependency mpfr>= found mpfr-3.1.5
=> Full dependency cloog>=0.18.0nb1: found cloog-0.18.4
=> Full dependency isl>=0.11.1: found isl-0.17.1

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