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Re: Adding c++11 support to USE_LANGUAGES

Jonathan Perkin <> writes:

>> tl;dr: introduce CXX_REQD as a similar mechanism to GCC_REQD, packages
>> append to it what they need, then we distil it to the most recent
>> version and use that for the build.

(I have not been paying attention to tech-pkg for a while.)

> Joerg suggested rolling this into USE_LANGUAGES instead.  I've done
> that here and kicked off a bulk build:
> One of the issues I've realised is that neither this nor the CXX_REQD
> patch will work in bl3 files if has already been read.

Perhaps related, how does this all relate to the notoin of having a
compiler version set, and failing if newer is needed, vs. changing
versions on the fly per package?  Is this what you are intending to punt
on, so that:

  people who don't wnat to risk the trouble from non-matching can set a
  high one

  people that only want to pull in nwere if necessary can do that

If so, that seems ok on reflection, because then we can see which
approach really is better.

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