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Re: chosing a C++ version/compiler

On 04/28/17 05:06, Jonathan Perkin wrote:

There is also the ABI breaking mess in libstdc++ to consider of course,
i.e. depending on how libstdc++ from GCC 5.1+ is installed, code
compiled with -std=c++11 may or may not link correctly with -std=c++03.
I'm coming to the conclusion that we basically punt on this, and if
users want to ensure that things work well they need to choose
up-front a suitable compiler to use for all their builds that will
satisfy all of their *_REQD.  This is basically what we (Joyent) do
currently, though at some point we'll need to go to newer than GCC 4.9
for the latest C++ stuff.

I've had to manually patch only a couple FreeBSD ports to work around libstdc++ issues. That in an env that mixes multiple GCC versions and clang. Not ideal, but I think the problem is far outweighed by the benefits of these improvements.

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