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Re: science category

On 17.04.2017 17:19, Jason Bacon wrote:
> Packages in wip that should be in science category:
> antlr

I would be surprised to find a compiler tool like antlr or flex in science/.

If there is going to be a rearrangement of packages I would be in favor
of removing CATEGORY as it happens to be imperfect and go for:


This way antlr would be in: a/n/antlr and flex in f/l/flex.

I expect that most people rather use some grep(1) or
website to search packages of a matching category (text in DESCR or

Any other movement from my experience makes things more messy - a lot of
work for developers, confusion for users. I already saw both groups of
people frustrated in a Linux distro (Mageia).

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