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ocaml not building on netbsd-7 i386

The problem is that the build chooses not to build raw_spacetime.  I did
builds on netbsd-7 amd64 and netbsd-7 i386 and diffed the build logs.
Interesting bits:

-        hardware architecture..... amd64
-        OS variant................ netbsd
+        hardware architecture..... i386
+        OS variant................ bsd_elf

-        unix str num dynlink bigarray raw_spacetime_lib systhreads threads
+        unix str num dynlink bigarray systhreads threads
 Configuration for the "num" library:
-        target architecture ...... amd64 (asm level 1)
+        target architecture ...... ia32 (asm level 2)

So I patched configure to find i486--netbsdelf as "netbsd" instead of
"bsd_elf", but that blew up.

Does anyone understand how ocaml deals with netbsd vs bsd_elf, and what
might be wrong?  Or is it expected that raw_spacetime_lib will not be
built on netbsd-i386 and I should conditionalize the PLIST?

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