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Re: py-bsddb3 (was Re: BAD Python compilation directives)

Thomas, I see this change 15 minutes ago

Allow db6 and set up the environment correctly so this builds
automatically against it.

Users have to have accepted the db6 license already for installing it

That is not right.

If you use db6 and you don't pay Oracle, your program *MUST* be AGPL3.
The reason to require a license acknowledge is for the programmer to be
aware of this imposition.

Note also that if a program I wrote works uses db4 and you "upgrade" me
under my feet to db6, suddenly my program is breaking Oracle licensing
unless my code was AGPL3 licensed already.

I would rather suggest to bump the default DB to 5.3 (this was the last
version with a "open" license) and link against it.

I don't know about the policy here for breaking when upgrading :-), but
when upgrading BDB libraries, client code must be updated and the
databases upgraded. It is not a transparent process. If somebody depends
of this package, "upgrading" it from db4 to db5 or db6 can/will break
client code.

That is the reason to work in version coexistence.

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