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Re: py-bsddb3 (was Re: BAD Python compilation directives)

On Thu, Jan 26, 2017 at 04:25:12AM +0100, Jesus Cea wrote:
> I have upgraded my Berkeley DB bindings for Python (bsddb3) so it can
> cope with pkgsrc (only tested in SmartOS). I have added ugly kludges on
> my own code while pkgsrc doesn't integrate my patches:
> <>.
> Would be nice if somebody else could try it under other pkgsrc
> platforms. In the photo in twitter you can see the commands you need to
> type.

I've updated the py-bsddb3 package to 6.2.4. The command in the
screenshot gives similar results (except for db4 vs db6).

Please take a look at the package, perhaps it can now be simplified?

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