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Re: krb5 builtin busted ? (was Re: heimdal builtin busted?)

Le 25/09/16 21:56, John D. Baker a écrit :
> ...
> After reinstalling "net/wireshark", which installs "security/mit-krb5"
> as a dependency, "chat/loudmouth" failed in the configure phase:
> So, no change in behavior with or without the patch.

Well, this patchset (regarding this situation) only adapted from KRB5_DEFAULT?= heimdal
with 'natively' installed mit-krb5 or heimdal.

Meaning that, in this particular case, the result of KRB5_DEFAULT is identical for you
unless you explicitly set KRB5_DEFAULT=mit-krb5. (btw, have you tried this?)

I can certainly see the value of checking first for something already installed,
so I'll see if I can come up with something for evaluation.

Unfortunately, if PREFER_PKGSRC is set and/or if something has already installed heimdal,
then wireshark only supporting mit-krb5 remains a sticky problem... 

nobody has come up with a fix for it yet?

Richard PALO

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