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Re: [wip] Re: truecrypt: Drop - officially dead and dangerous license

Kamil Rytarowski <> writes:

> TrueCrypt has been removed from major distributions due to legal danger.

This should have been in the commit message then.

However, pkgsrc hasn't been evaluating licenses for ickiness, and it
seems like a splippery slope.    Probably most proprietary software is
also bad by the same metrics.

> Reference for the license:
> Cite:
> The TrueCrypt software is under a poor license, which is not only
> non-free, but has the potential to be actively dangerous to end users or
> distributors who agree to it, opening them to possible legal action even
> if they abide by all of the licensing terms, depending on the intent of
> the upstream copyright holder.

There may be truth behind this, but it's written in a FUD style.

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