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Re: [wip] Re: truecrypt: Drop - officially dead and dangerous license

On 25.09.2016 15:19, Greg Troxel wrote:
> Kamil Rytarowski <> writes:
>> Removed Files:
>> 	[wip]/truecrypt/Makefile
>> Log Message:
>> truecrypt: Drop - officially dead and dangerous license
> I don't really care about this in particular, but the real metric is
> that the possible benefit to any wip user is far smaller than the
> maintenance pain.  The maintenance pain of directory in wip is about
> zero.
> Part of the issue here is that things which are too crufty for real
> pkgsrc are demoted to wip.  So applying a similar too crufty test to wip
> is too aggressive.
> As for license - I'm not sure what's particularly bad.  It seems not to
> be a Free software license, and it has indemnification, but by that
> logic most non-Free software is similarly dangerous.

TrueCrypt has been removed from major distributions due to legal danger.

Reference for the license:


The TrueCrypt software is under a poor license, which is not only
non-free, but has the potential to be actively dangerous to end users or
distributors who agree to it, opening them to possible legal action even
if they abide by all of the licensing terms, depending on the intent of
the upstream copyright holder. Fedora continues to make efforts to try
to work with the TrueCrypt upstream to fix all of the issues in their
license so that it can be considered Free, but have not yet been successful.

Fedora Suggests: cryptsetup allows to map existing Truecrypt device
since version 1.6 (Fedora 18). For full functionality tcplay is an
independently developed TrueCrypt-compatible program under the BSD
license. It is available in the official Fedora repository. It is
recommended if you need TrueCrypt compatibility.

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