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Re: [wip] Re: dfu-util: Switch to git

On 25.09.2016 16:03, John D. Baker wrote:
> Unfortunately, this breaks the package as the patches no-longer apply.
> There was no explanation for the repo change.  I assume the SVN copy is
> unmaintained?  The SVN repo would occasionally be unavailable, but would
> usually be back on a subsequent attempt.
> If the git repo is to go forward, some package maintenance is required
> to see what patches, if any, are needed.
> Thanks.

I've killed several SVN repos due to:
- no upstream resources any more,
- upstream moved to git,
- upstream repository is no longer updated and software no longer
relevant or it was never made functional while nobody worked on them in
at least few years,
- upstream svn repos starved to death with incompatible SVN protocol
with recent clients.

As far as I remember dfu-util was the case of new upstream and original
repository starved to death.

A lot of VCS repos ship with old patches, not applying any more. Please
help to bring them up.

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