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[wip] Re: electricsheep-svn: Switch to git

Unfortunately, the git repo for electricsheep is not publicly accessible:

===> Extracting for electricsheep-2.7nb20160925
=> Cloning GIT archive client.
Permission denied (publickey).
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights
and the repository exists.
*** Error code 128

make[1]: stopped in /x/pkgsrc/wip/electricsheep-git
*** Error code 1

make: stopped in /x/pkgsrc/wip/electricsheep-git

Admittedly, the old SVN repo had not been accessible after 17 May 2014,
but I could still link my archived copy of the last checkout into
"../../distfiles/svn-packages" and have it build from that.

Even if a publicly-accessible git repo were provided, the patches would
likely no-longer apply (as with "dfu-util-git").

There is also the issue that the old SVN copy still used 'mplayer' to
display while the HEAD revision had switched to using OpenGL directly,
preventing some (many?) platforms from using it.

Perhaps a package fetching the last mplayer-using version should be

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