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macOS Sierra patch / sed problem


pkgsrc on Sierra generally works, but today I ran across a package that has an interesting problem. devel/libcfg+ hasn't changed in almost a year, and the two patches haven't changed in 11 years. However, I got:

=> Applying pkgsrc patches for libcfg+-0.7.0
Ignoring patch file /Users/john/pkgsrc/devel/libcfg+/patches/patch-ab: invalid checksum
ERROR: Patching failed due to modified or broken patch file(s):
ERROR: 	/Users/john/pkgsrc/devel/libcfg+/patches/patch-ab

Manually running bmake makepatchsum gave:

sed: RE error: illegal byte sequence

I'm using the default locale (it's unset), so any ideas why this might be happening?

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