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Re: pkg_install issues during pkg_rr

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Le 01/05/16 18:32, Greg Troxel a écrit :
> Richard PALO <> writes:
>>> RR> pkg_install has the following new depends (need to re-tsort):
>>> rr> [pkg_install-info perl readline zlib]
>>> RR> Tsorting dependency graph
>>> RR> Selecting pkg_install (pkgtools/pkg_install
>>> pkgtools/pkg_install) as next package to replace
>>> Usage: dirname [ path ]
>>> *** No package directory 'pkgtools/pkg_install
>>> pkgtools/pkg_install' for pkg_install.
>>> *** Please read the errors listed above, fix the problem,
>>> *** then re-run pkg_rolling-replace to continue.
> It's hard to tell where the bug is, but generally the two things to do
> to resolve this sort of thing are:
>   outright remove pkg_install (on systems where there is base
>   pkg_install)

This I can't do on SunOS as it is a bootstrap package.

>   in pkgtools/pkg_install, do make replace

This I tried already, see previous in this thread.
> Note that all pkg_rr does is decide what order to do make replace.   So
> you have to separate picking the wrong order from problems with the
> operation itself.   In this case, it seems that PKGPATH is two words:
>> *** No package directory 'pkgtools/pkg_install
>> pkgtools/pkg_install' for pkg_install.
> which could be a bug in the installed package or a pkg_rr bug.  You
> could do pkg_info -B and see what the value in the package is.
> For me:
> $ pkg_info -B pkg_install|egrep PKGPATH
> PKGPATH=pkgtools/pkg_install
> which seems right.  If yours has
> PKGPATH=pkgtools/pkg_install pktools/pkg_install
> then I would just hand-edit the +CONTENTS, or do make replace.

This was interesting (in a rather distorted manner):
> richard@omnis:/home/richard/src/pkgsrc$ pkg_info -B pkg_install |egrep 'Information|PKGPATH'
> Information for pkg_install-20150901:
> PKGPATH=pkgtools/pkg_install
> Information for pkg_install-20150901nb1:
> PKGPATH=pkgtools/pkg_install

The former does not seem to have the mention "*** PACKAGE MAY NOT BE DELETED ***"
and they are both indeed in <pkgdbdir>

But how to get out of this mess, delete the database and rebuild?
- -- 
Richard PALO

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